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Introducing C2C Live on LinkedIn with Fulfilld and Cintas

Experience the latest in AI-powered spatial analysis and digital-twin technology for warehouse management with C2C's live interview series on LinkedIn.

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Admit One, On Us: Win Free Tickets to Google Cloud Next '23 from C2C

Win a ticket to Google Cloud Next '23! Join C2C's exclusive giveaway for a chance to attend this premier event in San Francisco. Seize the opportunity!

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AI Disruptors: A Selection of Case Studies (full recording)

Discover how AI is reshaping enterprises! Dive into real case studies on automation, affordability, and decision-making. Watch the full recording here.

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Cloud Adoption Summit: Toronto (session recordings)

Revisit C2C's Cloud Adoption Summit! Dive into exclusive session recordings featuring Kelsey Hightower and industry insights.

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Ransomware Recovery with Google, NetApp, and Workspot (full recording)

Safeguard your business against ransomware with Google, NetApp, and Workspot's recovery plans. Enhance storage, protect files, and restore productivity fast!

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Google Cloud and Zazmic AMA (full recording)

Learn about the Google Cloud for Startups Program with scaling tips from Google Cloud and Zazmic leaders in this exclusive AMA recording.

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Which Google Cloud Product Are You According to Your Zodiac Sign?

Water. Air. Fire. Earth. Which are you? Discover what Google Cloud Products you should be using according to your birthday!

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Practical Tips for Corporate and Individual Sustainability (full recording)

Discover strategies from Google, Intel, and Workspot on achieving corporate sustainability. Dive into insights for a greener, responsible business.

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C2C Monthly Recap: September 2022

Discover the best community moments from last month! Events in Zurich and Paris talked about Google Cloud innovations and customer stories. Join C2C today!

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Secure Access to SaaS Applications with BeyondCorp Enterprise (Google Cloud Whitepaper)

Strengthen Your Security: Explore insights on governing zero trust access and preventing data leaks and malware in SaaS apps in this whitepaper.

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