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2Gather Chicago: Google Cloud Next '23 in Review

Explore AI breakthroughs and data insights from Google Cloud Next '23 at 2Gather Chicago. Discover how AI is shaping the future of organizations.

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How Cloud Computing Technology Contributes to Sustainable Computing Practices

Boost your business sustainability with cloud computing - cut energy costs by up to 85%. Learn how Rackspace Technology leads the way in green computing.

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Practical Tips for Corporate and Individual Sustainability (full recording)

Discover strategies from Google, Intel, and Workspot on achieving corporate sustainability. Dive into insights for a greener, responsible business.

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Sustainable IT with Chrome OS

Elevate your business sustainability with Chrome OS - empowering eco-friendly IT practices for a greener future.

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Supply Chain Resiliency in a Volatile World

Strengthen your supply chain in a volatile world. Discover the power of Google Cloud accelerators, breaking down data silos for collaborative decision-making.

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Food Waste: The World's Dumbest Problem

Beyond Recycling Bins: Google's Vision for a Zero Food Waste Future - Watch Insights!

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Clean Clouds, Happy Earth Panel Discussion: Sustainability in EMEA

Dive into the future of sustainable computing with Google Cloud, HCL, AMD, and L'Oreal during this Happy Earth panel on EMEA regional sustainability.

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Google Human Truths, Emerging Experiences: Sustainability Now

Enhance business sustainability with Google human consumption insights. Watch insights for data-driven solutions and a cleaner future.

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Completing the Story of Sustainable Computing: an Interview with Suresh Andani, AMD Senior Director of Cloud Vertical Marketing

Energy-efficient computing insights with AMD & Cloud Vertical Marketing. Catch sustainable manufacturing and solutions at Clean Clouds, Happy Earth event.

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Cloud Technologies: Boon for Sustainable Future (a Fireside Chat with SpringML)

Data-driven Sustainability: SpringML Explores Google Cloud's Vision for Global Environmental Impact.

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