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Google Cloud Startups, Session Recording

Google Cloud and Zazmic AMA (full recording)

By C2C Team | April 12, 2023

In a recent AMA with C2C, Google Cloud, and Zazmic, members of the Startups community brought questions, solutions, or roadblocks that they wanted to work through and discuss with the leaders of Zazmic. 

This AMA (Ask Me Anything) welcomed startups who are currently enrolled in the Google for Startups Cloud Program and have questions or need assistance using Google Cloud tools.

At this 2Chat, our speakers covered:

  • Assistance using Google Cloud tools
  • An overview of the Google for Startups Cloud Program
  • Tips on how to scale your company

Watch the full recording here:



Not enrolled in the Google for Startups Cloud Program? You could be eligible for access to startup leaders, Cloud cost coverage (up to $100,000 for each of the first two years), technical training, business support, and Google-wide offers. To receive benefits, you must have an active Google Cloud account.

Apply here.

Browse our previous Google Cloud Startups content and join the C2C Startups Community to continue the conversation.

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