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Reduce Time to Value by Rapidly Onboarding SAP Data on GCP (full recording)

Unlock faster SAP deployments on GCP using Google Cloud tools - BigQuery, CloudSQL, AutoML, and Spanner. Dive into technical insights in this recording.

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C2C Connect Live: New York City (full video)

Watch the full C2C Connect Live: NYC recording! Explore data analytics, Google Cloud strategy, containers, industry solutions, and more!

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The Value of Looker for Startups (full recording)

Transform your startup's decision-making with Looker's BI platform. Watch the synergy of Looker and Data Studio for comprehensive business intelligence.

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BigQuery ML: Easy Access to Machine Learning (full recording)

Explore BigQuery ML's capabilities. From decoupled storage to Explainable AI, uncover the tools and techniques for effective ML. Watch the full recording!

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How Startups are Leveraging the Cloud to Scale: C2C President Josh Berman Reports for AiThority

Unlock the power of Google Cloud for startups! Explore cost savings, transparent pricing, and global collaboration insights from C2C President Josh Berman.

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C2C Monthly Recap: May 2022

Join C2C in SoCal, EMEA, and NYC for face-to-face events with Google and partners. Discover valuable insights, engaging discussions, and the latest trends.

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ML Mindset for Managers (full recording)

Explore the transformative impact of ML -- beyond big data! Learn how tech decision-makers navigate ML challenges for product enhancement.

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Supply Chain Resiliency in a Volatile World

Strengthen your supply chain in a volatile world. Discover the power of Google Cloud accelerators, breaking down data silos for collaborative decision-making.

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Introducing the April 2022 Community C2Champions

Do you want to be a C2Champion? There are countless ways to engage with the community - join us at an event today!

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Becoming Fully Certified on Google Cloud (full recording)

Elevate your career with Google Cloud certifications! Gain insights from top industry experts. Watch the session recording today!

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