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C2C Monthly Recap: November 2022

Dive into the key moments from Cloud Adoption Summit and 2Gather events this past month.

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Tips and Tricks to Ace the Google Cloud Database Certification (full recording)

Uncover exam success strategies! Master the Google Cloud Database Certification with key insights from Google Cloud Partner Engineer.

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Data Quality Matters So Much I Had to Start a Company! (full recording)

Elevate your business with insights from startup Masthead Data. Uncover the impact of data quality on companies of all sizes in this video recording.

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C2C Monthly Recap: October 2022

Key insights from Google Cloud Next, exclusive watch parties, and C2C partnership announcements!

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Leveraging Chat Apps for Google Workspace (full recording)

Enhance teamwork with Google Workspace Chat! Uncover innovative ways to integrate custom apps for seamless remote/hybrid collaboration.

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Optimizing Your Workload on Intel-Based Instances (full recording)

Enhance workload efficiency on Google Cloud with the power of 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors. Discover optimization strategies for demanding tasks.

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Building an Intentional Culture: C2C President Josh Berman Interviewed by Authority Magazine

Unlock the secrets of intentional culture! Josh Berman, C2C President, reveals key strategies for business leaders in a captivating interview with Authority Magazine.

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How to Choose the Right Cloud Strategy for Your Restaurant: C2C President Josh Berman Reports for QSR Magazine

Elevate your restaurant's success with strategic cloud solutions. Understand Google Cloud strategies for the foodservice industry from this interview.

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Learn How to Forecast Your Spend on Google Cloud (full recording)

Strategize your Google Cloud spend wisely. Explore pricing scenarios and uncover key resources for startups to manage costs effectively.

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Build an ACID-Compliant Database with Certainty (full recording)

Navigate startup growth hurdles with Cloud Spanner. Discover ACID compliance, automatic sharding, and replication in this recording.

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