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Which Google Cloud Product Are You According to Your Zodiac Sign?

By C2C Team | April 11, 2023

Fun fact: Google Cloud announced its first product, App Engine, on April 7, 2008, making Google Cloud as a whole the pioneering, go-getter zodiac sign that is Aries. To honor C2C's roots with Google Cloud, we're launching a new series of weekly horoscopes during Aries season, the first sign in the zodiac calendar. As the customer community, we want to enable connections between members, and sometimes that works best when we get to know ourselves first.

But learning about the practice of astrology can be intimidating, so we're here to put it in simple terms that anyone can understand - Google Cloud products!

You can find your sun sign according to your birth date. From there, read on and let us know if you resonate with your Google Cloud product match.



March 21 to April 19


The Aries in your life is the one who is never at rest. An Aries is always at work on a project, absorbed in a game, or battling it out in an argument. Activity is an Aries' comfort zone, and preparation and delay are their kryptonite. With Google Kubernetes Engine, your containers and clusters can automatically run and scale with no time lost on management or operations. Just like the Aries in your life, GKE is like a fire that burns until the fuel (or your per-pod billing budget) runs out.




April 20 to May 20


If there is one thing a Taurus cares about, it's comfort. A Taurus likes to make a firm plan and follow through without any interruptions or last-minute changes. You can count on a Taurus to be there for you when they say they will, but whatever you do, don't flake on them. A Taurus is basically a human Security Command Center. With a Taurus, everything is always compliant, nothing is ever too vulnerable, and all threats are identified and eliminated immediately. That way, all your Taurus ever has to do is kick back and chill.




May 21 to June 20


Like most air signs, that Gemini friend or family member will want to talk your ear off as they have a passion for intellectual conversations. They are rooted in the exchange of ideas, and the need to express themselves is not a trait they shy away from. This sign is just as interested in collecting information as they share it, which is why there is no surprise that a Gemini would be closely associated with Google's Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech products that convert natural-sounding speech to text and vice versa. Geminis - as symbolized by twins - and these two Google products have a strong sense of duality and are associated with effective communication.




June 21 to July 22


The sensitive and emotional ones of the water signs, Cancers enjoy comfort and a sense of familiarity around them. They prefer to blend with their environments, making a hybrid or multicloud management platform like Anthos perfect for a Cancer's complexity. Often thinking about nostalgic moments in life, Cancers are often caught up in reminisce, and likely appreciate the ability to bring their existing apps onto Anthos to scale and modernize their roots. Cancers and Anthos operate through consistency and routined patterns to achieve their goals. 




July 23 to August 22


Leos are people with ambitious goals and idealistic beliefs. They honor their commitments and work long and hard to see them through. When it comes to initiatives like sustainability, Leo is the sign you want in charge. That's why Google Cloud's Carbon Footprint is the product that suits Leo most. As Carbon Footprint reduces workload emissions and tracks footprint data, Leo is free to focus on the hard work of saving the planet, which will bring us that much closer to what Leos love most: a long, luxurious rest.




August 23 to September 22


For Virgos, knowledge is power. A Virgo needs to be in the know, up to date, and without a doubt at all times; otherwise, they'll feel too out of touch to focus on what they need. That's why a product like Cloud Monitoring feels like such a natural complement to the Virgo in your life. The last thing any Virgo wants is stress. With the uptime monitoring and metrics Cloud Monitoring offers for your applications' performance, availability, and health, Virgos have all the insight they need to be their best selves.




September 23 to October 22


One weekend they're reading their favorite novel and cooking a home-cooked meal, the next they may be off in Las Vegas with their closest friends partying up a storm. We're talking about the social butterfly, Libra. Represented by the scales, Libras are all about balance and doing a little bit of everything, so they're always ready for the unexpected. Libras and Cloud Load Balancing platform can juggle a large amount of tasks and activities at once. Whether it's HTTP or TCP balancing, this tool ensures seamless deployment of deliverables. Similarly, the Libra in your life is multi-dimensional and may have a diverse set of interests or hobbies. 




October 23 to November 21


If you want a burst of fiery energy, just talk to any Scoripo. Though they are a water sign, Scorpios are known for their intensity and have no problem throwing themselves into unfamiliar situations. With their confidence and ability to handle confrontation, they are intrigued by the darker side of life. Scorpios aren't afraid to get their hands dirty and can harness their own power even when operating behind the scenes, like Google Cloud's Firewall. This Google product delivers granular control and ensures protection through networking fabric that is implemented throughout each workload. Scorpios and Firewall aren't afraid to tackle threats head-on while still keeping their composure.




November 22 to December 21


Sagittarius is the second most impulsive zodiac sign. Sagittarians are outgoing, unafraid to take risks, and quick both to anger and to forgive. If a Sagittarius was an app, therefore, it would almost certainly be no-code. A Sagittarius is not one to put painstaking thought into design and planning; a Sagittarius simply acts. Luckily, when a Sagittarius takes a shot, it usually hits the mark, making the Sagittarius in your life as reliable as the no-code development platforms available from AppSheet.




December 22 to January 19


A Capricorn is a sign with a strong awareness of its place in the world. Like all Earth signs, Capricorns are grounded, but more so even than other Earth signs, Capricorns want to remain rooted in their surroundings and respond to them accordingly. Consequently, a Capricorn - the most resourceful of the signs - would likely feel very comfortable with a product like Cloud Run, which allows you to run code in any language on a fully-managed platform and access resources in any of your network projects. That Cloud Run is pay-per-use also makes it a practical option any Earth sign would appreciate.




January 20 to February 18


Looking forward to growth and personal progress comes naturally to an Aquarius. If you engage with an Aquarius, you'll be quick to notice their wit and intellectuality. With advancement constantly on their minds, Aquarians are always searching for ways to self-improve and to share their knowledge with others. This makes an Aquarius like Looker, which organizes the world's information and makes it accessible to all users. Don't be surprised if you see them researching the latest fitness trends, online shopping to improve their aesthetic, or delivering insights to make the best business decisions. Aquarians and Looker are always striving to find out new pieces of information and determine new methods to get the job done!




February 19 to March 20


Being receptive, spiritual, and impressionable, Pisces has an open mind and an open heart. Represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, a Pisces will often feel as though they are being pulled by changes in their environment. However, this is what also makes them great at adapting, much like Vertex AI, which is able to scale machine learning models faster with fully managed tools. Both Vertex AI and Pisces are fluid and are able to operate quickly with new information or, perhaps, new ML model training and APIs. 

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