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Application Development

Introducing C2C Live on LinkedIn with Fulfilld and Cintas

Experience the latest in AI-powered spatial analysis and digital-twin technology for warehouse management with C2C's live interview series on LinkedIn.

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Secure Access to SaaS Applications with BeyondCorp Enterprise (Google Cloud Whitepaper)

Strengthen Your Security: Explore insights on governing zero trust access and preventing data leaks and malware in SaaS apps in this whitepaper.

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5 Cloud Trends to Track in 2023

AI and ML adoption, low-code development, multicloud environments, improved remote work tools, and cloud adoption in resistant sectors

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Best Practices for Cost Optimization and Architectural Planning in GCP (full recording)

Discover the secrets of cost-effective architecture on Google Cloud! Learn from experts Anil Sharma and Patrick Booher in this deep dive recording.

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The World of Google Developer Communities - Event Takeaway

Connect, Learn, Advance: Uncover the world of Google Developer Communities - GDG, GDSC, GDE, WTM - fostering career growth and innovation globally.

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Digital Twin in GCP

Seeking expertise in big query, IOT core, pub/sub, and cloud functions? Elevate your prototypes with GCP's supply chain twin for seamless implementation.

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Creating an API using Cloud Functions (Node.js)

Solved: Streamline API setup with Cloud Run's versatility. Leverage Express.js for efficient mobile app integration.

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What is CI/CD?

Breaking Down the Basics: Enhance software development with CI/CD. Streamline processes, detect flaws, and automate efficient roll-outs for market delivery.

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What's An Application Programming Interface (API)?

Decode common API terms - Web API security, GraphQL, JSON. Stay informed and navigate the language of effective application communication effortlessly.

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Using AI to Improve Spoken Language Fluency With Markus Koy, Founder of thefluent.me

Break language barriers! Enhance spoken language fluency effortlessly with immediate AI feedback for enhanced speaking proficiency.

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