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Infrastructure (5)

What Is Multi-CDN Architecture and What Are the Benefits of This Distribution Strategy?

Enhance your website speed with a multi-CDN architecture - boost performance, eliminate downtime, and improve user experience globally.

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Choose Your Own Cloud Adventure: Cloud CDN or Managed Instance Groups (Video from Google Cloud Tech)

Decide the Fate: Load Balancers & Managed Instance Groups or Content Delivery Network? Cloud infrastructure decisions made exciting!

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Kubernetes Vs. Docker Swarm: Comparing App Containerization Technologies

Navigate app containerization choices: Kubernetes or Docker Swarm? Uncover key differences in scalability, deployment, and load balancing for your projects.

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Bob Evans, Cloud Wars Media, Discusses Google Cloud Success with C2C (full video)

Discover Google Cloud's winning strategies with Bob Evans. From regional tactics to digitization, read key insights for tomorrow's decisions.

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Serverless Compute Security on Google Cloud (full video)

Gain control of your serverless infrastructure security on Google Cloud. Learn about OAuth 2 tokens, VPC access and load balancers in this video.

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Google Cloud's Hamidou Dia, VP, Global Head of Solutions Engineering, Chats with C2C about Environmental Sustainability

Watch now: Google Cloud's roadmap to a carbon-free world by 2030. Discover the strategies and ambitious goals set to combat climate change in the next decade.

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Urs Hölzle, SVP Technical Infrastructure, Joins C2C to Discuss Modernizing Infrastructure for the Present and Future

Elevate Your Cloud Compute Knowledge - Google Cloud SVP Explores Trends in Sustainable Networking and Cloud Migration.

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Cockroach Labs Hails Google Cloud Platform as King, Leapfrogging AWS and Azure

Unveiling Cloud Excellence: Google Cloud outshines rivals, securing top positions in speed and performance benchmarks.

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C2C Deep Dive: Demystifying Anthos with Google Cloud's Director of Outbound Product Management

Discover the synergy of GCP and Anthos for app modernization! Learn how Cloud Run for Anthos offers an easy-billing single-management experience.

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C2C Talks: How Jesse Nowlin, CIO at Westland Real Estate Group, Improved Remote Work Productivity by Using Google Workspace

A must-watch for CIOs! Explore Westland Real Estate Group's use of Google Workspace and its impact on remote work productivity.

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