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Infrastructure, Serverless, Compute, Session Recording, Identity and Security

Serverless Compute Security on Google Cloud (full video)

By C2C Team | March 17, 2021

C2C Deep Dives invite members of the community to bring their questions directly to presenters.

Do you have questions about all the options for securing communication between serverless compute products on Google Cloud? In this C2C Deep Dive, Guillaume Blaquiere ( @guillaume blaquiere ), cloud architect at Sfeir, covered OAuth 2 token usages between access token and identity token, virtual private cloud (VPC) access and private networks access, load balancers, ingress, and egress. Watch the video to learn how you can start taking control of your serverless infrastructure, and see how Guillaume answers the following common security questions:

  • What about the patch management?
  • How do you manage the network?
  • How do you ensure HA?
  • How do you control the access "from" and "to" the service?
  • How do you mitigate DDoS?

Download the slides.



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