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Choose Your Own Cloud Adventure: Cloud CDN or Managed Instance Groups (Video from Google Cloud Tech)

By C2C Team | April 8, 2021

The Google Cloud Tech channel on YouTube published this fun, multi-video "choose your own adventure" experience to explain the different options for scaling your cloud infrastructure. 

In this Choose Your Own Cloud Adventure, YOU get to make the choices for the engineers at the (fake) new startup, EatAndRun. EatAndRun specializes in pairing runners with the best food options while they're on-the-go. The company has gained national attention and user traffic is skyrocketing! Bukola's and Max's application isn't ready to handle this massive spike, so they've proposed Cloud CDN OR managed instance groups (MIGS) as viable solution candidates. Should they scale up their backend services or speed up the delivery of their assets? The choice is up to you!

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