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Cloud Usage, Positive Team Culture and Good Documentation Among Key Findings from State of DevOps Report

Optimize software delivery via cloud strategies & team culture. State of DevOps Report highlights key findings for high-performing DevOps & SRE teams.

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The Future of Work: Employee Empowerment and Better Management with Greg Sly, SVP Verizon

Discover how Verizon leverages Workday Cloud to bridge gaps, streamline recruitment, and embrace a global talent pool. SVP unveils the future of work.

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Your Questions, Answered: Future of Work is About Culture Navigator

Learn how Google Cloud adapts to the evolving work landscape, emphasizing safety, flexibility, and technology. Insights for your workplace transformation.

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Google Workspace Updates Are Creating a More Secure and Productive Work-From-Home Setup

Optimize your remote WFH setup with Google Workspace's improved security, expanded data coverage, and enhanced collaboration tools.

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How Employers Can Support Team's Mental Health and Prevent Burnout at Work

Create a stress-free work environment: Embrace automation, flexibility, and communication tools to prevent burnout and support your team's mental health.

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How Will Company Culture Thrive in the Future of Work?

Read Quantiphi's commitment to a flexible future with tools and strategies that enable connected and productive remote/hybrid teams.

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Dan Stuart, Southwire, on Why Google Cloud Was the Secure Choice

Uncover the secrets behind Southwire's historic move to Google Cloud. Read how security, scalability, and agility have led to the company's success.

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Take the 2021 State of DevOps survey: Shape the future of DevOps

Empower your team's DevOps journey: Participate in the State of DevOps survey by Google Cloud, driving performance and business outcomes.

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Mental Health Awareness Month on the C2C Community Platform

Dive into the tech-driven approach to mental health. Explore taboo topics and foster authenticity in the workplace. Join the C2C conversation!

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