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Infrastructure (2)

How to Optimize Google Cloud Costs: Compute, Networking, and Cloud Storage

Save big on Google Cloud costs! Discover essential tips for optimizing networking, compute, and storage expenses.

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Healthcare and Life Sciences Perspectives on Cloud Architecture: A Fireside Chat with Todd Walters of Eli Lilly

Dive into the nuances of Cloud Architecture with Eli Lilly! Explore valuable perspectives for decision-makers in this fireside chat recording.

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How can I access the Cloud SQL with private IP only from another Project/VPC?

Expert solutions for connecting Cloud SQL privately across projects & VPCs. Resolve IP access hurdles without the rabbit hole of research.

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What's Postgres transaction ID utilization and why it matters

Ensure seamless database operation by mastering PostgreSQL transaction ID utilization. Cloud SQL metrics provide insights!

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Getting Maximum Value from Cloud: Key Takeaways from C2C's Deep Dive on Cloud Repatriation

Watch the videos! Uncover insights on cloud repatriation's business implications from industry leaders at C2C's panel discussion.

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Thinking About Moving Your Workloads Off the Cloud? (full video)

Explore the strategic aspects of moving workloads off the cloud. Understand TCO, OPEX, and CAPEX with X, SADA, and Etsy. Watch the session.

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Creating an API using Cloud Functions (Node.js)

Solved: Streamline API setup with Cloud Run's versatility. Leverage Express.js for efficient mobile app integration.

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sudo apt -get update error

Fix 'sudo apt-get update' errors effortlessly. Learn solutions for connection timeouts and enhance your server's stability.

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How to Choose a Virtual Machine (VM) From Google Cloud

Unlock maximum scale & speed with Google Cloud's Compute-Optimized VMs for high-performance computing. Ideal for Big Data analysis, AI/ML, ad-serving, & gaming.

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Cloud Run hosted app - redirection results in CORS error

Optimize Cloud Run redirect responses by configuring custom origin headers. Resolve CORS errors and enhance your frontend app's callback functionality.

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