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Identity and Security (2)

Secure Access to SaaS Applications with BeyondCorp Enterprise (Google Cloud Whitepaper)

Strengthen Your Security: Explore insights on governing zero trust access and preventing data leaks and malware in SaaS apps in this whitepaper.

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2Chat: Secured Open Source with Ubuntu on Google Cloud (full recording)

Securing open-source software for supply chain is easier than ever with Ubuntu. Watch the hands-on tutorial and demo with Google Cloud now!

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C2C Connect Live: Cambridge

Unlock the future of genomics and AI! Discover the latest in Healthcare and Life Sciences technology from C2C Connect Live.

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Policy Intelligence Drives Conversation at C2C Connect: France Session on April 12, 2022

Audit permissions effortlessly with IAM Analyser - uncover user access details and enhance security. Join the discussion from C2C Connect: France Session.

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The Cloud Security Partnership: C2C President Josh Berman Reports for Information Week

Learn essential cloud security insights from C2C President. Discover the shared responsibilities for robust cybersecurity in the cloud.

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Get to Know the Google Cloud Security Engineer Certification

Exam prep insights inside! Elevate your career with this certification. Review key topics like network security, data protection, & compliance measures.

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Google Cloud Security Demystified (full video)

Master cloud security dynamics with Vijeta Pai. Elevate your understanding and fortify your cloud environment for optimal protection.

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10 Best Practices for Cloud Security - Application Development

Cloud security strategies for application development on Google Cloud Platform.

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Dan Stuart, Southwire, on Why Google Cloud Was the Secure Choice

Uncover the secrets behind Southwire's historic move to Google Cloud. Read how security, scalability, and agility have led to the company's success.

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Two Sides of the Same Coin: Business Intelligence & Business Analytics

Harness the synergy of business analytics & intelligence to elevate your organization. Discover the power of data-driven insights for strategy optimization.

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