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Google Cloud Strategy (3)

Bash Script for GCP to fetch data

Enhance GCP project data retrieval with a robust Bash script. Extract crucial details like project number, folder path, and cost center effortlessly.

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NextGen Healthcare's SAP on Google Cloud Migration (full video)

Optimize healthcare SAP with Managecore on Google Cloud. Elevate performance, confidence, and stability in just six months. Watch the full migration journey.

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The Right Team: Managecore and NextGen Build for the Future Using Google Cloud

Transforming SAP landscapes with Google Cloud: NextGen Healthcare's success story with Managecore. Learn the keys to a seamless migration.

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Multi-Cloud Vs. Hybrid Cloud: When Should Businesses Make the Switch to a Hybrid Strategy?

Maximize business benefits with a tailored cloud strategy. Explore the advantages of Multi-Cloud flexibility or the simplicity of a Hybrid Cloud solution.

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DoIT, AMD, and Google Cloud Compare Redshift and BigQuery

Gain clarity on cloud migration decisions. GCP weighs in on Redshift vs. BigQuery, moving to the cloud, financing, and choosing the right strategy for you!

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C2C Talks: Google Cloud Security Demystified Key Conversations

Explore the nuances of Google Cloud Security. From threat modeling to cybersecurity best practices, empower your cloud knowledge!

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Scaling an Enterprise Software: Autoscaling Applications and Databases (full video)

Optimize Cloud Solutions for Scalable Warehousing: Insightful strategies from Fulfilld CTO on language support, microservices, and data store options.

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Google Workspace and The Evolution of G Suite

The power of Google Workspace is designed for collaboration! Boost your productivity with integrated cloud-based tools.

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Achieve Future-Proofed Value from Your Cloud Strategy (full video)

Future-proof your cloud strategy with Google Cloud! Enable new capabilities and your reduce infrastructure costs. Watch the session recording.

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