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Google Cloud Strategy (5)

Transforming Strategies with Google Cloud AI Platform (full video)

Navigate AI/ML adoption effectively with Google Cloud. Explore use cases, accelerators, and no-code options for non-technical teams in this strategy session.

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Low Code Vs. No Code: Choosing the Right App-Dev Platform

Are you fluent in coding languages or just starting out? Find the perfect fit for your team's needs with the pros and cons of low- vs. no-code platforms.

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C2C Navigator: Legal Contracting using AI with Cai GoGwilt, Ironclad (Full Video)

Explore AI-driven legal contracting with Ironclad and discover how Google Cloud AI enhances collaboration. Watch the full video now!

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C2C Deep Dive: Getting Started with Google Cloud AI Platform

Watch Now: Empower your business with Google Cloud AI Platform! Gain insights into strategy, business transformation, and Cloud AI success.

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Urs Hölzle, SVP Technical Infrastructure, Joins C2C to Discuss Modernizing Infrastructure for the Present and Future

Elevate Your Cloud Compute Knowledge - Google Cloud SVP Explores Trends in Sustainable Networking and Cloud Migration.

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Andi Gutmans, GM and VP of Engineering at Google Sits Down with C2C

Unlock the secrets of data journeys with Andi Gutmans, GM at Google Cloud. Discover how he guides businesses through migrations and transformations.

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AI Cheat Sheet

From narrow AI to self-aware AI, we've got you covered! Discover AI types, fields, approaches, and applications. Stay informed on the latest in AI technology.

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Google Cloud's Lori Mitchell-Keller Kicks off C2C Executive Keynote Series

Explore the tech landscape from the POV of a Googler with 25 years of industry expertise, and dedication to DEI in C2C's Executive Keynote Series.

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ML Cheat Sheet

Crunch data with ML! Detect early, optimize FinServ, and enhance marketing. Explore the future, from healthcare advancements to manufacturing robots!

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Google Wave Signals How Google Workspace Can Win in the "Future of Work"

From Google Wave to Google Workspace: trace your journey of innovation with workplace collaboration tools.

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