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Infrastructure, Google Cloud Strategy, Hybrid and Multicloud

DoIT, AMD, and Google Cloud Compare Redshift and BigQuery

By C2C Team | October 15, 2021

DoiT, a global multi-cloud software and managed service provider with deep expertise in Kubernetes, machine learning and big data hosted a webinar with AMD and Google Cloud to discuss key differences between Amazon Redshift and BigQuery. 

For Startups evaluating their Cloud options, this is an excellent conversation that covers common questions like, "Why should I move to the cloud?" and "What are the best options for me, multi-cloud, hybrid, or all cloud?" and of course, any question related to financing the expense. 

Watch the video below to hear from Matthew Porter, Senior Cloud Architect with DoIT International, Meryl Hayes, East Coast Team Lead at DoIT International, John Mansperger, Principal Solutions Architect at AMD and Dan Chang, Enterprise Partner Sales Manager at Google Cloud.


Thank you to our partner, DoIT International and 2020 Google Cloud Global Reseller Partner of the Year, for sharing this webinar with the C2C Community.

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