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Getting Started with Google Cloud

AI Cheat Sheet

AI is no more and no less the drive to create robots with human minds so they can do everything we do and more. Use this cheat sheet to help decode the space.

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Practical Tips for Corporate and Individual Sustainability (full recording)

Discover strategies from Google, Intel, and Workspot on achieving corporate sustainability. Dive into insights for a greener, responsible business.

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How to develop and test your Cloud Functions locally

Optimize serverless development with local Cloud Functions. Debug faster & run code locally for efficient testing. Enhance your developer experience now!

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The Why and How of Google Partners (full video)

Elevate Your Cloud Game: Uncover the Strategies, Benefits, and Investments Behind Google Cloud Partnerships. Gain In-Depth Knowledge from Industry Leaders.

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Sprint into 2023 AMA with Google Cloud (full recording)

Fuel your startup growth! Read valuable assistance with tools, scaling tips, and a comprehensive look at the Google for Startups Cloud Program.

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K8s container scaling based on event queue size

Achieve hardware autoscaling in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)! Learn how to optimize scaling based on event queue metrics for cost savings.

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Learn How to Forecast Your Spend on Google Cloud (full recording)

Strategize your Google Cloud spend wisely. Explore pricing scenarios and uncover key resources for startups to manage costs effectively.

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How to Optimize Google Cloud Costs: Compute, Networking, and Cloud Storage

Save big on Google Cloud costs! Discover essential tips for optimizing networking, compute, and storage expenses.

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Create thumbnail of video in Firebase with Google Cloud function

Master thumbnail generation in Firebase using Google Cloud functions. Troubleshoot errors and refine video upload processes with effective PNG creation.

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Get to Know the (Refreshed) Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification

Looking to level up your certification game? View the latest exam guide for key topics and insights to enhance your cloud knowledge!

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