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Get to Know the (Refreshed) Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification

By Alex Maksymec | February 9, 2022

Personal development and professional development are among the hottest topics within our community. At C2C, we're passionate about helping Google Cloud users grow in their careers. This article is part of a larger collection of Google Cloud certification path resources.

Get to Know the Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification was originally published on C2C in October, 2021. This updated infographic reflects the exam revisions going into effect this Wednesday, January 26.

Google introduced the Cloud Digital Leader exam in June 2021. Not even a full year after its release, the foundational-level certification was deemed eligible for a refresh. The initial release outlined three key areas of focus: general cloud knowledge, Google Cloud knowledge, and Google Cloud products and services.

What, then, are the major differences to expect between that version and this update? Most notably, there's a shift from defining the "what" of general cloud knowledge to explaining the "why" in terms of specific business drivers for using Google Cloud in new adoptions and digital transformation. You should still be able to define basic cloud technologies. 

The full exam guide has been updated to reflect evolving solution-area priorities for Google Cloud's place in the cloud technology landscape, including an unsurprising expansion to dedicate full 30% sections to:

  • Google Cloud data, AI, and ML solutions
  • Infrastructure and application modernization
  • Google Cloud security and operations tools

The new exam guide makes no mention of compliance, resource hierarchies, geographical segmentation, support options, data pipelines, workload migration, or on-premises networking, all of which occupied entire subsections in the original guide.


View image as a full-scale PDF here.

Infographic describing an overview of Google Cloud Digital Leader certification, updated for 2022.


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