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How to develop and test your Cloud Functions locally

Optimize serverless development with local Cloud Functions. Debug faster & run code locally for efficient testing. Enhance your developer experience now!

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2Chat: Accelerate Your Time to Market with Serverless (full recording)

Accelerate your startup's success with serverless solutions! Learn from Google Cloud's Rachel Tsao in this insightful 2Chat event recording.

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Exploring Cloud Workflows - Event Takeaway

Mastering Google Cloud Workflows: a comprehensive guide to designing efficient, scalable, and reliable serverless workflows for your applications.

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How to Auto-clean Your GCP Resources

Craft a cost-effective, cloud-native solution for auto-cleaning Google Cloud resources. Explore ZUNA on GitHub and unlock the potential for automated tasks.

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Sharing Data with Datashare (Video from Google Cloud Tech)

Empower Data Collaboration: Discover the potential of open-source Datashare, enabling market data publishers & consumers to exchange data in the cloud.

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Building Production-Ready Services with Google Cloud Run (full video)

Google Cloud Run: seamless application development. Compare workflows and computing products in the demo recording.

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Serverless Compute Security on Google Cloud (full video)

Gain control of your serverless infrastructure security on Google Cloud. Learn about OAuth 2 tokens, VPC access and load balancers in this video.

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C2C Deep Dive: Demystifying Anthos with Google Cloud's Director of Outbound Product Management

Discover the synergy of GCP and Anthos for app modernization! Learn how Cloud Run for Anthos offers an easy-billing single-management experience.

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