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Data Analytics (5)

Optimizing BigQuery to Reduce Operational Costs (full video)

Unlock substantial savings today! Achieve up to a 50% reduction in BigQuery costs via clustered tables and billing optimization strategies.

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How to Auto-clean Your GCP Resources

Craft a cost-effective, cloud-native solution for auto-cleaning Google Cloud resources. Explore ZUNA on GitHub and unlock the potential for automated tasks.

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Tips for Building Better Machine Learning Models

Enhance large neural network training with mixed-precision techniques. Explore data augmentation, architecture changes, and regularization.

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MediaAgility Partners with Google Cloud and Looker to Help Businesses Build a BI Platform (full video)

Enhance revenue growth and overcome data restrictions. MediaAgility with Looker & Google Cloud delivers a centralized BI platform for powerful analytics.

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Hot Career Move for 2021: Data Analyst

Data analytics: the career of tomorrow! Seize the opportunity. Become a sought-after professional, blending statistical understanding, and business insights.

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Two Sides of the Same Coin: Business Intelligence & Business Analytics

Harness the synergy of business analytics & intelligence to elevate your organization. Discover the power of data-driven insights for strategy optimization.

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C2C Deep Dive: Latest Upgrades in BigQuery

Discover the latest BigQuery upgrades. Explore efficiency and security use cases with Google Cloud's Data Warehouse experts.

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Andi Gutmans, GM and VP of Engineering at Google Sits Down with C2C

Unlock the secrets of data journeys with Andi Gutmans, GM at Google Cloud. Discover how he guides businesses through migrations and transformations.

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How ASML Runs a $16 Billion Business with the Help of Google Cloud Products

ASML's unique approach to ML in semiconductor manufacturing revealed. Learn how Google Cloud and Kubernetes ensure accuracy & scale in chip production.

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C2C Talks: Using Google Cloud's BigQuery to Move from a 48-Hour Cycle Time to a Mere 7 Minutes

Watch the success story of Ipsos with Google Cloud's BigQuery. Move from a 48-hour cycle time to just 7 minutes. Explore the benefits of seamless data flow!

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