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Data Analytics (2)

CarCast with Bruno Aziza 3/19: Data! What Is it Good For?

Stay ahead in data analytics with Bruno Aziza's expert breakdown. Explore crucial insights and trends for success from Gartner's 2023 report.

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CarCast with Bruno Aziza: When is a Company Ready to Scale?!

The 3 Metrics That Drive Scale: Unveiling Insider Tips. Explore the 5 key questions to scale your business effectively.

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CarCast with Bruno Aziza: What's a Data Product?

Uncover the power of Data Products and redefine your approach to data leadership. Discover insights and best practices in this episode of CarCast.

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2Gather Sunnyvale: Strategies Surrounding Data Optimization in Cloud Technology

Turn your data into value with Google Cloud. Read about 2Gather Sunnyvale - data security and optimization insights from Google Cloud Partners.

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BigQuery Innovation: A Selection of Case Studies (full recording)

BigQuery architecture can optimize your data sets! Watch our startup success stories from Tinyclues, Aible, Connected-Stories, and Snorkel AI.

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Data Quality Matters So Much I Had to Start a Company! (full recording)

Elevate your business with insights from startup Masthead Data. Uncover the impact of data quality on companies of all sizes in this video recording.

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UTC to User timezone in Google Data Studio

Transforming UTC timestamps in Google Data Studio made easy! Follow these steps to showcase Firestore data in user timezones seamlessly.

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C2C Connect Live: Cambridge

Unlock the future of genomics and AI! Discover the latest in Healthcare and Life Sciences technology from C2C Connect Live.

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C2C Connect Live: New York City (full video)

Watch the full C2C Connect Live: NYC recording! Explore data analytics, Google Cloud strategy, containers, industry solutions, and more!

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The Value of Looker for Startups (full recording)

Transform your startup's decision-making with Looker's BI platform. Watch the synergy of Looker and Data Studio for comprehensive business intelligence.

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