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Data Analytics (3)

Clean Clouds, Happy Earth Panel Discussion: Sustainability in EMEA

Dive into the future of sustainable computing with Google Cloud, HCL, AMD, and L'Oreal during this Happy Earth panel on EMEA regional sustainability.

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Google Human Truths, Emerging Experiences: Sustainability Now

Enhance business sustainability with Google human consumption insights. Watch insights for data-driven solutions and a cleaner future.

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Healthcare Case Study: Mayo Clinic's Remote Patient Monitoring Program for COVID-19

A lifeline for patients. A solution for healthcare providers. Mayo Clinic transformed patient experiences and saved money with Google Cloud. Read more:

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Is Data Engineering the New Software Engineering? (full video)

Demystify the surge in interest in data engineering. Understand the connections between data engineering, DevOps, DataOps, and MLOps in this recording.

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Leveraging Data for Consumer Behavior (full video)

Enhance ROI & customer centricity with Google Cloud analytics. Quantiphi explores marketing analytics and consumer data impacts on business success.

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Monitoring and observability Drive Conversation at C2C Connect: France Session on January 11

Gain valuable insights for your SRE practices! Discover observability tools for cloud monitoring from C2C Connect France event.

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Cloud Technologies: Boon for Sustainable Future (a Fireside Chat with SpringML)

Data-driven Sustainability: SpringML Explores Google Cloud's Vision for Global Environmental Impact.

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To Collate or To Analyze: Cloud Bigtable vs. BigQuery

Discover the perfect match for your data needs - Google Cloud's Bigtable vs. BigQuery. Choose the right tool for your analytics journey.

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C2C Community Members Get in the ML Mindset

Balance your goals and flexibility with ML: Join C2C Community for a deep-dive into the ML mindset. Learn from Google Cloud experts - explore AI and data analytics.

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Bringing More Insights to the Table with Cloud Bigtable

Unlock powerful insights with Cloud Bigtable: Google's fast, reliable, and scalable NoSQL database. Analyze large workloads effortlessly. Learn more now!

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