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Data Analytics (4)

Applying Computer Vision with Pre-Trained Models (full video)

Discover the power of Google Cloud's Vision AI in analyzing image data. Dive into computer vision with expert insights!

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Get to Know the Google Cloud Data Engineer Certification

Exam prep insights inside! Elevate your career potential with this certification. Master building scalable data pipelines and troubleshooting ML models.

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People Analytics With Chris Hood, Natalie Piucco, and Mary Kate Stimmler

Read about the power of People Analytics at Google! Enhance workplace culture with data-driven HR insights.

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Ingest, Store, Query, and More: What BigQuery Can Do for You

Data scientists & web developers running ML or data mining operations - BigQuery can be the best solution to handle your massive workloads!

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All About the New Google Analytics 4: Better Features, Reports, & Data Visualization

Explore the latest in GA4: Enhanced features, reports & AI insights. Optimize ad performance and customer journeys seamlessly. Stay ahead in data analytics!

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New Product Deep Dives: Dataplex and Analytics Hub

Elevate your data strategy with Dataplex and Analytics Hub: Transform data sharing and storage policies for a more agile and efficient organization.

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Google Cloud Pub/Sub Strategies For Beginners

Optimize your microservices strategy! Enable agile communication, distribute events efficiently, and achieve scalable, real-time data processing.

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What Is Observability in Software Engineering?

Enhance DevOps precision with full-stack observability. Understand system health, detect anomalies, and optimize performance effortlessly.

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How to Design a Modern Data Warehouse in BigQuery

Transform Your Data Warehouse in BigQuery - Denormalized models, the power of partitioning, clustering, and more for scalability!

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CRM and Marketing Automation: The Path to Better Lead Management

Optimize lead management with CRM and marketing automation. Streamline processes, boost efficiency, and drive growth for your business.

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