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BigQuery Innovation: A Selection of Case Studies (full recording)

By Raida Hasan | February 2, 2023

Whether you are a data scientist or analyst, understanding BigQuery architecture provides insight on how organizations control costs and analyze data with built-in features. If you want to optimize your data sets through the scalable capabilities of BigQuery, listen to the stories of these four growing startups: Tinyclues, Aible, Connected-Stories, and Snorkel AI. 

The speakers discussed the following at this 2Learn event: 

  • How companies are able to scan a high volume of topics among users while also improving the user experience
  • Understanding how BigQuery allows organizations to leverage data to develop strategies and optimize campaign performance
  • Accessing knowledge on data-centric AI and its integration within a workflow
  • Analyzing specific data sets that will provide the most valuable insight into market conditions and consumer behavior

Watch a full recording of this event below:



Extra credit: 



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