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The Value of Looker for Startups (full recording)

By C2C Team | June 28, 2022

Looker is a business intelligence platform used for data applications and embedded analytics. Looker helps you easily explore, share, and visualize your company's data so that you can make better business decisions. 

During this deep dive, Cat Huang and Tema Johnson, Looker customer engineers at Google Cloud, discussed the value of Looker for startup companies, including recommendations for how to choose a data warehouse complete with a product demo. 

The recording from this session includes the topics listed below, plus plenty of conversation infused in the presentation from open Q&A from community members present at the live event:

  • (0:00) Welcome and introduction from C2C and the Google Startups Team
  • (5:25) Looker (creating a data culture) vs. Data Studio (data visualizations)
  • (9:00) Using Looker and Data Studio together for a complete, unified platform for self-service and centralized BI
  • (10:10) Using looker with a data warehouse like BigQuery
  • (13:15) Serverless big data analytics vs. traditional data warehouses
  • (14:10) Integrated AI and ML services for data analytics
  • (15:30) The power of Looker: in-database architecture, semantic modeling layer, and cloud native
  • (21:05) Live demo: Looker
  • (40:00) Closing comments and audience Q&A

Watch the full recording below:


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