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Cloud Operations

Peace of Mind: The Pillars of Cloud Security

Strengthen cloud defenses against evolving cyber threats. Explore key strategies for bolstering cloud security effortlessly.

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Evolving Opportunity: The Four Pillars of Cloud-Native Architecture

Optimize software delivery with cloud-native agility. Learn how DevOps, Microservices, Containers, & Continuous Delivery elevate efficiency and quality.

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Core Concepts from 2Gather Tel Aviv

Explore key concepts in CloudOps and Security from C2C 2Gather Tel Aviv. Learn from experts at Google Cloud, CB4, Resonai, and Panorays.

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Cloud Adoption Summit Sunnyvale: Cloud Journey Story Series

Unlock cloud success from C2C's Sunnyvale's Cloud Adoption Summit. Learn from industry leaders about cost optimization, AI migration, and more.

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How Cloud Computing Technology Contributes to Sustainable Computing Practices

Boost your business sustainability with cloud computing - cut energy costs by up to 85%. Learn how Rackspace Technology leads the way in green computing.

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How to develop and test your Cloud Functions locally

Optimize serverless development with local Cloud Functions. Debug faster & run code locally for efficient testing. Enhance your developer experience now!

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Cloud Cost Reduction: Our Top 9 Cloud Cost Optimization Strategies

Optimize Cloud Costs: Boost financial transparency and eliminate unnecessary resources for cost-efficient cloud computing.

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Using FinOps for Cloud Cost Optimization (full recording)

Elevate your Cloud FinServ game with best practices! Uncover valuable tips on accountability, resource tagging, and cost reporting in this C2C 2Chat recording.

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A Beginner's Guide to Cloud Computing Technology

Navigate the Cloud with confidence! Our Beginner's Guide covers IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, deployment models, and the real-world application in businesses.

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2Gather Sunnyvale: Strategies Surrounding Data Optimization in Cloud Technology

Turn your data into value with Google Cloud. Read about 2Gather Sunnyvale - data security and optimization insights from Google Cloud Partners.

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