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DevOps and SRE

Evolving Opportunity: The Four Pillars of Cloud-Native Architecture

Optimize software delivery with cloud-native agility. Learn how DevOps, Microservices, Containers, & Continuous Delivery elevate efficiency and quality.

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Startup Success Story: Fireside Chat with Nobl9 (full recording)

Learn from Nobl9's startup journey to service reliability. Dive into their fireside chat insights with Google Cloud. Watch now!

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How is ip-masq-agent DaemonSet created?

GKE Network Policy Insights: Enhance GKE cluster creation by configuring ip-masq-agent seamlessly with Terraform. Say goodbye to post-creation adjustments!

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2022 Technology Trends in the Google Cloud Customer Community

Download the full report now - Dive into the C2C research report on cloud usage, AI adoption, and provider satisfaction.

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Getting Started with Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) - Key Takeaways

Enhance software delivery with SRE insights. Learn key metrics and best practices for reliability and agility in just 60 minutes.

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Monitoring and observability Drive Conversation at C2C Connect: France Session on January 11

Gain valuable insights for your SRE practices! Discover observability tools for cloud monitoring from C2C Connect France event.

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How to Choose a Virtual Machine (VM) From Google Cloud

Unlock maximum scale & speed with Google Cloud's Compute-Optimized VMs for high-performance computing. Ideal for Big Data analysis, AI/ML, ad-serving, & gaming.

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What is CI/CD?

Breaking Down the Basics: Enhance software development with CI/CD. Streamline processes, detect flaws, and automate efficient roll-outs for market delivery.

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CI/CD DevOps Continuous Testing Strategy Integration and Methods

Optimize your CI/CD process with DevOps continuous testing integration. Delve into methods for quicker, more reliable code changes and eliminate bottlenecks.

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The DevOps Life Cycle in 7 Steps Using Netflix

Elevate your software development using Netflix's DevOps. Embrace continuous planning, code integration, and automated testing for agile processes.

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