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Financial Services

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Migration on Google Cloud in Under 30 Minutes (full recording)

Enhance End-User Computing: Discover the Power of Intel & Google Cloud in VDI Migration. Learn to boost virtual CPU performance by 27% effortlessly!

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How the Cloud is Driving Innovation in the Financial Services Industry

You can afford to migrate - you can't afford to wait. Innovation in FinServ means individual autonomy, control, and expansive resources at your fingertips.

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Cloud Cost Reduction: Our Top 9 Cloud Cost Optimization Strategies

Optimize Cloud Costs: Boost financial transparency and eliminate unnecessary resources for cost-efficient cloud computing.

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Using FinOps for Cloud Cost Optimization (full recording)

Elevate your Cloud FinServ game with best practices! Uncover valuable tips on accountability, resource tagging, and cost reporting in this C2C 2Chat recording.

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C2C Launches Financial Services Community at 2Gather: NYC

C2C's Financial Services Community unveiled at 2Gather NYC. Dive into insightful conversations and network. Join the community for exclusive connections!

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Financial Services Case Study: Magnum Real Estate, Blockchain Transactions, and Google Cloud

Magnum Real Estate disrupts the market with Google Cloud-powered blockchain transactions. Buy, sell, and trade property in cryptocurrency for unprecedented efficiency.

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C2C Connect Live: New York City (full video)

Watch the full C2C Connect Live: NYC recording! Explore data analytics, Google Cloud strategy, containers, industry solutions, and more!

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Collisions and Community at C2C Connect Live: New York City

Dive into innovation with tech disruptors Current, AMD, Data Capital Management, and other Google Cloud experts.

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FinTech, Banking-as-a-Service, and the "DeFi Mullet": C2C's Deep Dive with Simon Taylor of 11:FS

Future-proof FinServ: Discover insights on BaaS and the 'DeFi Mullet' model from 11:FS, shaping the finance industry.

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Understanding the FinTech Payment Stack and Where Your Business Fits (full video)

Explore the FinTech Payment Stack in-depth with 11:FS'. Learn about BaaS, API providers, and market dynamics to stay ahead in financial services.

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