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Ransomware Recovery with Google, NetApp, and Workspot (full recording)

Safeguard your business against ransomware with Google, NetApp, and Workspot's recovery plans. Enhance storage, protect files, and restore productivity fast!

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Enterprise Software and the Role of the CIO: An Interview with Mark Templeton of Workspot

CIOs, embrace change and drive growth in the enterprise SaaS era. Workspot shares their mindset on cloud-native adoption and multicloud support systems.

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Google Cloud and Zazmic AMA (full recording)

Learn about the Google Cloud for Startups Program with scaling tips from Google Cloud and Zazmic leaders in this exclusive AMA recording.

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Which Google Cloud Product Are You According to Your Zodiac Sign?

Water. Air. Fire. Earth. Which are you? Discover what Google Cloud Products you should be using according to your birthday!

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CarCast with Bruno Aziza 04/10: What is Good Leadership?!

Explore effective leadership principles and startup growth strategies in this episode of CarCast!

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Managing Complex Multicloud Security with Anthos (full recording)

Actionable tips for securing multicloud clusters with Anthos: Watch real-world solutions to protect applications and ensure high availability across clouds.

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CarCast with Bruno Aziza 4/3: What is Data Quality?!

Dive into the world of Data Quality in this episode of CarCast! Gain valuable insights into data leadership success stories and tech spending.

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Practical Tips for Corporate and Individual Sustainability (full recording)

Discover strategies from Google, Intel, and Workspot on achieving corporate sustainability. Dive into insights for a greener, responsible business.

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Women in Cloud: Meet Shobana Shankar

Elevate your tech career with insights from Google Cloud ISV Sales Specialist. Read her journey and advice for aspiring women in CloudOps!

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CarCast with Bruno Aziza 3/25: What is Innovation?!

Gain insights into cloud and AI innovation! Explore key trends from the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2023. Elevate your data strategy today.

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