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A FAIR Approach to Generative AI: An Interview with Rackspace CTO Srini Koushik

Unlock the potential of Generative AI with Rackspace's FAIR approach. Dive into an exclusive interview with CTO Srini Koushik for insights and solutions.

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Bringing The Customer Community Together in Real Time at Google Cloud Next '23

Step into the heart of Google Cloud Next '23 with C2C, connecting partners and customers globally. Discover the latest in cloud tech and Google updates.

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How Cloud Computing Technology Contributes to Sustainable Computing Practices

Boost your business sustainability with cloud computing - cut energy costs by up to 85%. Learn how Rackspace Technology leads the way in green computing.

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AI Disruptors: A Selection of Case Studies (full recording)

Discover how AI is reshaping enterprises! Dive into real case studies on automation, affordability, and decision-making. Watch the full recording here.

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Women in Cloud: Meet Olga Lykova

Exclusive Interview! Forbes Business Council Thought Leader and Women in Industries Founder. Read her leadership philosophy from Workspot to GCP.

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Google Cloud Certifications

Looking to level up your cloud career? Transform your skill set and open the door to roles like Cloud Database Engineer, Cloud Security Engineer, and more!

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On-the-Spot Feedback and a Sense of Community at Cloud Adoption Summit: Toronto

Boost Automation Opportunities: Connect with industry leaders and explore RPA technology insights from C2C Toronto. Unlock new possibilities for your business!

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Cloud Adoption Summit: Toronto (session recordings)

Revisit C2C's Cloud Adoption Summit! Dive into exclusive session recordings featuring Kelsey Hightower and industry insights.

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CarCast with Bruno Aziza 04/24: How Can You Scale A.I?!

Unravel the truth in AI: Are recent advancements cause for optimism or concern? Watch the video!

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CarCast with Bruno Aziza 04/15: Data Mesh vs. Data Meh. Are You Doing It Wrong?!

Unveil the secrets of entrepreneurial success with Netflix's story and Gartner's data insights in this CarCast episode!

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