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CarCast with Bruno Aziza 4/3: What is Data Quality?!

By Bruno Aziza | April 3, 2023

This week, Bruno breaks down Data Quality, shares the latest in tech spending and highlights the success of key data leaders you should know and follow.

This CarCast covers:

  1. Data Quality attributes: Only about 1/3 of data and analytics organizations get value from their data.  Why?  Data quality.  Bruno gives you a set of questions you can ask to assess the quality of your data...questions are about Data itself, People...and the Actions taken on the data...the best acronym he came up with was DPA for DQ.  Do you have a better one?!
  2. Cloud Software Spending, March 2023: 3 key insights you can afford to miss (budget split between people and tech, priority hiring and priority investments)
  3. Stories of great leaders: From Orange France to Richemont, to Cartier to Geotab, learn about the stories of data leaders in your field.

Finally, this coming week, you'll have two ways to connect with Bruno, in person at Data Cloud Live Summit in Toronto and online where he'll discuss Harvard Business Review's latest stats on Data, AI and Analytics.  


Have a great week!  For more, check out Bruno's blog here.



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