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New Product Deep Dives: Dataplex and Analytics Hub

By C2C Team | September 28, 2021

Data storage is evolving very quickly with the new capacities of the cloud. As a result, the frontiers between data lakes and data warehouses are blurrier, and the separation of storage and processing is a new but commonly accepted convention. In the video below, Lak Lakshmanan describes these changes, the impact of traditional data storage patterns and organization strategies, and data practitioners' new requirements and expectations to provide context for a deep dive into the capabilities and functions of two new Google Cloud products for data administrators.


Analytics Hub allows for sharing a dataset internally - - to break the data silos - - and externally - - to monetize the data. Dataplex helps define policy across the organization for data sharing. It bases the rules on the data labeling and allows (or not) the share of PII or other sensitive data.


Lak brings broad experience and a singular vision of the data environment to this discussion. He details the main advantages and the usefulness of these solutions. The only problem with having such a great and passionate speaker is that now we can't wait for the product release!


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