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Leveraging Data for Consumer Behavior (full video)

By C2C Team | February 18, 2022

This session was led by Quantiphi, a foundational partner of C2C and a Google Partner that uses AI to solve the problems at the heart of businesses. Connect with them directly @Quantiphi  in the C2C community.

One of the best ways for enterprises across a broad range of business sectors to remain relevant is to use consumer behavior data in ways that will help their brands stand out from the competition. Using this data effectively and uniquely can help businesses improve the rate of customer acquisition, increase the ROI from marketing spends, and also ensure customer centricity and personalization. 

But what can we do to improve customer experiences by leveraging customer data, and how? To learn more, C2C sat down with Vijay Mannur, Customer and Marketing Analytics Practice Lead at Quantiphi, to discuss how to enhance consumer engagement and conversion using behavioral data. Questions answered will include:

The recording from this Deep Dive includes:

  • (1:55) Agenda overview and introduction to speakers
  • (8:05) Marketing analytics
    • How and why Quantiphi built a dedicated marketing and analytics team
    • Options for marketing analytics from Google Cloud
  • (14:50) Consumer data
    • Third-party vs. first-party cookies and rich data quality
    • Consumer Data Platform (CDP) vs. traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • How to build and upskill teams to use CDP effectively
    • Using BigQuery and other Google Cloud analytics tools
  • (32:25) Examples of customer stories using CDP
    • How a French retailer centrally connected their consumer databases with custom pipelines from BigQuery
    • How a bank optimized consumer segmentation and profiling using Vertex AI
  • (39:00) Future of analytics
    • The future of consumer data and trends nearing the end of their lifecycle
    • Addressing privacy concerns using Google Cloud data warehousing and analytics solutions
    • Ethical use of machine learning for consumer behavior


Speakers featured in this Deep Dive


Vijay Mannur

Practice Head, Customer and Marketing Analytics, Quantiphi


Vijay Mannur is a Practice Head at Quantiphi with 12+ years of experience in the field of Performance Marketing, Sales and Analytics. He leads the Customer and Marketing Analytics practice at Quantiphi, a leading Digital Transformation and AI solutions company. He has grown the practice at Quantiphi to encompass engineering teams building cutting edge solutions, delivery teams, and sales teams. He has delivered multiple large-scale digital transformation solutions to marketing teams of large Retail and FSI clients. Prior to Quantiphi, Vijay worked for companies like Media.net, Idea Cellular, and NEC Corporation.



Daniel Lees

Staff Partner Engineer, Google Cloud

A Cloud Architect at Google, Daniel Lees was a Principal Architect in Financial Services Select helping Google's most valued clients build in Google Cloud Platform before joining the Partner Engineering team in support of Google's most important partners. He has extensive expertise in defined best practices, blueprints, security and compliance standards, and evangelism of reusable assets for cloud deployment in CICD pipelines with IoC working on both cloud native and hybrid application modernization. Before Google, he had 20 years of experience at HSBC Bank where he was the Chief Technical Architect for AWS Cloud globally, leading a small team of SME cloud architects. 



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