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and Inclusion (DEI)

2023 C2C Member Pulse: Finding Connections and Value in Community

Download the full report now - Unlock the power of community engagement with insights from C2C's latest report.

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Building an Intentional Culture: C2C President Josh Berman Interviewed by Authority Magazine

Unlock the secrets of intentional culture! Josh Berman, C2C President, reveals key strategies for business leaders in a captivating interview with Authority Magazine.

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Problem-Solving and Organizational Change at Google Culture of Innovation in New York

Elevate your company culture: Learn from Google's DEI-focused Culture of Innovation NYC event on problem-solving and organizational change.

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Celebrate Juneteenth 2022: Origin & History of Juneteenth

Explore Juneteenth's rich history! Learn about its origin and significance as we amplify DEI in the workplace.

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C2C Navigators Series: How Verizon and Workday Are Preparing for the Future of Work

Dive into the evolving workplace landscape with Verizon and Workday. Uncover insights on remote work, diversity, and employee empowerment.

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C2C Talks: Mapping AI Ethics to Cultural Motifs - Key Points

Automation, Regrowth, and AI Ethics. Watch insights for growth amid AI job replacements and the responsibility we have in AI ethics.

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How Will Company Culture Thrive in the Future of Work?

Read Quantiphi's commitment to a flexible future with tools and strategies that enable connected and productive remote/hybrid teams.

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Critical Conversations: The Future of Work with Kelly Ducourty of Google Cloud and Peter High of Metis Strategy

Get ahead in the 'future of work' with Google Cloud and Metis Strategy. Uncover KPIs, productivity metrics, and insights on culture from industry leaders.

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Navigator Key Moments: Culture and Leadership with Bob Evans from Cloud Wars

Watch Cloud Wars: where we reveal key strategies propelling Google Cloud to the top three. Change management, globalization, and industry-specific solutions.

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Career Conversations With C2C: Andrada Morar, Google

It's Women's History Month! Explore career insights and advice for go-to-market activation. Imposter syndrome and small acts of change all in this interview.

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