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Navigator Key Moments: Culture and Leadership with Bob Evans from Cloud Wars

By Sabina Bhasin | April 13, 2021

We got to steal an hour from Bob Evans's dynamic Cloud Wars analysis to talk all about Google Cloud, leadership, and where the cloud powerhouse can continue to win. We laughed, we discussed, and now we break down the key moments from the conversation. 

As you read, listen, and watch, we want to know what sticks with you. Have you encountered similar challenges? Share them with us below. 

C2C: You're famous for the top 10 lists. Can you tell us a little background about them and why your coveted top 10 list now has Google Cloud in the top three, claiming Salesforce's spot?


C2C: How do the company leaders react when they're moved around on the list? 

C2C Community Question: What can companies do to be at the top of the list, now and three years from now? 



C2C: We encourage our members to share their perspectives and questions, and if they're able to get them to us early enough, we can work them into our Navigator conversations. 

Guillaume Blaquiere, one of our most active C2C members and leader of the C2C Connect: France group, wanted to know, "How would you characterize the differences in strategy between the three major cloud providers?" Blaquiere added that he's focused on Google Cloud, so it's often hard for him to stay up to date on what the other players are doing. 



This question also spurred an interesting discussion around the cloud's globalization as it teeters into the current data center discussion and debate. Hear how Evans thinks about globalizing cloud and how that will continue to accelerate, and companies need to build plans to meet the customer expectations. 


C2C: After continuous conversations with the CEOs of the top players in the space, what is the intersection of change management in terms of adopting digital transformation from the front office to the back? 


Despite the complexity of the question, Evans offered a straightforward solution, "push customer experience to the top of everybody's priority list and open up the data - to let everybody throughout the organization understand things, so they can participate and be engaged and ultimately make bigger and better contributions." 


Hear Evans explain more below: 


C2C: Let's dive into Thomas Kurian and his strategy a little bit. One of the key ways he's leading Google Cloud leadership is to think about the customer's voice. Why is that so important? Why do communities like C2C matter?

C2C: Another critical way Google Cloud is setting itself apart from the competition is by focusing on industry-specific solutions. What do you think about that approach? What makes sense about it? 




C2C Community Question: After talking with most CEOs and their leadership teams over this past year, what is the number one thing you were most surprised about on their agendas?  


When we asked Evans our famous question, "If Cloud Wars is a limited-edition 10-episode Netflix series, what episode would you say we're on?" He answered, "just wrapped up episode one and put up the teaser for episode two!" So, get in on the ground floor, and join the journey with Cloud Wars



If you have Navigators you follow, share them with us! We'd love to learn where the experts go to get better. 


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