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Building an Intentional Culture: C2C President Josh Berman Interviewed by Authority Magazine

By C2C Team | November 4, 2022

For a November 2 conversation with Authority Magazine, C2C President Josh Berman ( @josh.berman ) sat down with Fotis Georgiadis to take part in the magazine's regular interview series "How Businesses Pivot and Stay Relevant In The Face of Disruptive Technologies." The high-level discussion generated a wealth of insights for business leaders as well as teams and individuals dedicated to nurturing a customer ecosystem, but Josh also threw in a few personal anecdotes to remind readers that he's a peer as much as a decision-maker. Some highlights from the conversation include Josh's top five recommendations for business leaders responding to disruption and his firsthand recollection of the growth of the community industry over the past couple of decades. Here's a preview of what Josh had to say about C2C and the developing customer community space:


"Everyone needs their customers' feedback, advocacy, and I think everywhere, getting connected, staying connected, finding your peers, whether they work with you in a company or just do something similar in other companies, other industries, finding them and connecting to them is critical, especially as we're all working from home, we're working elsewhere. The need for community is stronger than it's ever been. C2C is here for that reason: to fill that need for Google Cloud's customer base."


Read the full interview here.


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