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Career Conversations with C2C: Su Song, StrataPrime, a Google Cloud Partner

By Sabina Bhasin | March 12, 2021

Career Conversations with C2C: Su Song, StrataPrime, a Google Cloud Partner

The power of community is in its conversation, and this week, the women are speaking. 

At C2C, we believe sharing journeys can provide the motivation, inspiration, or belief others need to either take their first steps or keep going. 

In that spirit, we're honoring Women's History Month by having career conversations with the women from our global community, culminating on International Women's Day on March 8, 2021. 

Today we're featuring StrataPrime's Service Delivery Specialist Su Song, where she helps customers get the most out of their Google products like Workspace. Read about her career journey and path to Google Cloud in her own words. 


C2C: Talk to me about your experience and education. What certifications did you get? What did you feel like you needed? 


SS: Previously I worked at a renewable energy company for 11 years managing the IT infrastructure and services. This was my first job out of college after completing the computer technology program. I have RedHat certifications, and since joining StrataPrime, a few Google certifications. I still have a lot to catch up on, on the Google side! 


C2C: How did you get started with Google Cloud? 


SS: At my previous work, we had been using G Suite. I had initiated the migration from a hosted exchange platform. I was also managing some on-prem and hosted RedHat servers which were migrated over to Google Cloud Platform. I also got into Google Cloud by signing up for the legacy G Suite service for my personal domain.  


C2C: When you think back on your career, what stories can you share to demonstrate what it means to be a woman in tech? 


SS: I can't think of any specific stories that come to mind, but in my 13 years of professional experience, all my teammates and managers have been male. 

I have mentored a few female students in the past who would mention they were nervous about competing against men, and I've always told them to consider being a woman as an advantage, especially when gender parity in a STEM field is a major topic that is being discussed.

Do your best and do not be discouraged. I often have to remind myself, too.


C2C: Have you felt the imposter syndrome creep up on you? How do you deal with it? 


SS: Yes! In such a fast-paced world, I believe it's something everyone feels. 

When I feel incompetent, I acknowledge the fact there will always be something that I'm not aware of. I need to push myself to learn and get better every time there is a challenge.

It really helps to have a supportive team and community of like-minded professionals as well, so knowledge sharing is something that we do on a daily basis.


C2C: How do you want to change the world? 


SS: By setting a good example and being vocal when needed. Also, this is a very broad question, haha. 

I think I can call myself an environmentalist, and that's where my focus is other than family and work. 


C2C: Inspire me! What advice would you give someone interested in a career like yours? 


SS: Be forward, reach out, don't be afraid to make mistakes, but learn from them. Most of all, enjoy what you do and have fun with it!


How can the community best get in touch with you? 


Connect with Su Song right here on the platform or on  LinkedIn



As a former journalist, I am already ready for a good story. So, tell me a story! Reach me at sabina.bhasin@c2cglobal.com, or comment below.

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