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Is Data Engineering the New Software Engineering? (full video)

Demystify the surge in interest in data engineering. Understand the connections between data engineering, DevOps, DataOps, and MLOps in this recording.

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3co Fireside Chat - Startup Success Stories (full recording)

Learn from 3co's startup journey with Lance Legel. Insights on growth, mentors, and overcoming challenges. Watch the full fireside chat now!

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FinTech, Banking-as-a-Service, and the "DeFi Mullet": C2C's Deep Dive with Simon Taylor of 11:FS

Future-proof FinServ: Discover insights on BaaS and the 'DeFi Mullet' model from 11:FS, shaping the finance industry.

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Defining Your Problem Statement Coffee Chat (full video)

Struggling to convey your startup's value? Dive into this video and craft clear problem statements for your investor and customer appeal.

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Community Contributor Q&A - Abdel Sghiouar

Meet Google Cloud Senior Cloud Engineer. Discover insights on GKE, Serverless, Service Mesh, and Cloud-Native Technologies in this exclusive Q&A.

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Getting Maximum Value from Cloud: Key Takeaways from C2C's Deep Dive on Cloud Repatriation

Watch the videos! Uncover insights on cloud repatriation's business implications from industry leaders at C2C's panel discussion.

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Community Conversations at Startups Technical Roundtable Continue on the C2C Platform

Discover strategies for building products on Google Cloud at the C2C Startups Roundtable. Advice from Google Customer Engineers and ongoing discussions.

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Community Contributor Q&A: Guillaume Blaquiere

Meet Accenture's Google Cloud Data Architect & C2C's France Team Lead. Read his expertise in serverless solutions and data security.

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New Year, New Elevator Pitch Coffee Chat (full video)

Startup founders, discover the secrets behind a successful elevator pitch! Watch insights, connect with fellow founders, and refine your strategy.

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Cloud Technologies: Boon for Sustainable Future (a Fireside Chat with SpringML)

Data-driven Sustainability: SpringML Explores Google Cloud's Vision for Global Environmental Impact.

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