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Community Contributor Q&A - Abdel Sghiouar

By Stephen C2C | February 23, 2022

As we expressed in our recent Q&A with France Team Lead Guillaume Blaquiere, we are always interested in giving C2C community members space to share their expertise on our platform. When Abdel Sghiouar ( @boredabdel reached out to ask about contributing technical content to our website, we asked him a few questions to learn more about him and his work as a Google Cloud Senior Cloud Engineer. Sghiouar has been working for Google for eight years, and his most recent projects have helped him get comfortable with some of the infrastructure products and solutions currently changing the cloud space as we know it, including Serverless, Service Mesh, and Anthos.

Read our Q&A with Sghiouar below, and check our website regularly to find his contributions. He is also available on Medium and Twitter.


1. What is your name and current role? What kinds of projects do you work on and/or what kinds of clients do you serve?

Abdel Sghiouar, Senior Cloud Engineer at Google Cloud. I'm part of the PSO (Professional Service Organization) of Google Cloud, which provides consulting services to customers. I specialize in GKE, Serverless, Service Mesh, and Cloud-Native Technologies. I've worked with big customers like banks and energy companies and also with startups in the last four years in this role, helping them migrate or use Google Cloud.


2. What are your areas of professional expertise and what kinds of topics do you write about?

My background is in data centers and infrastructure (I spent 4 years working in a Google data center before joining Cloud). So naturally, Infrastructure is the foundation I work on, and on top of that GKE, Serverless, Service Mesh, and Cloud-Native.


3. What is your relationship to the C2C community and how did you first get involved?

I just signed up this year. I host a podcast called The Cloud Careers Podcast (cloudcareers.dev) and someone from C2C reached out last year and asked me to join. I just finally found the time.


4. What do you find most valuable about the C2C community?

It's a great place for Google and its customers to come together, discuss ideas, help each other out, and support each other. It gives us Googlers direct access to customers using our products so we can get feedback and bring it back to the product teams.


5. What is a current or future development in the Google Cloud space that you're excited about?

GKE, Serverless, and Anthos are products I'm keeping an eye on. They are changing the way people consume Cloud Services, and with the advancement in Edge and Mobile use-cases, these products will play a vital role in Cloud deployments.

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