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Community Contributor Q&A: Guillaume Blaquiere

By Stephen C2C | February 7, 2022

C2C is an open customer community, but every Google Cloud customer has a different skill set and a different role to play in the world of Google Cloud. When one of our members has a unique base of knowledge to share with the broader community, we will go out of our way to feature them on our platform.

Guillaume Blaquiere ( @guillaume blaquiere ), one of C2C's Team Leads in the France region, is a Google Developer Expert who regularly publishes detailed articles breaking down vital Google Cloud processes and product functions on his personal Medium page. To allow him to share his knowledge more widely, and to make his content immediately accessible to the C2C community, we recently invited Blaquiere to join us as a regular contributor to our platform.

Read a brief Q&A with Blaquiere below, and watch this space for his forthcoming posts and more content from contributors in our community.


1. What is your name and current role? What kinds of projects do you work on and/or what kinds of clients do you serve?

Guillaume Blaquiere, Google Developer Expert: Cloud, Cloud Data Architect at Accenture. I'm helping customers to build their data strategy and to leverage the power of Google Cloud to get the best from their data (storage, processing, ML, etc.).


2. What are your areas of professional expertise and what kinds of topics do you write about?

I'm a Google Developer Expert on Google Cloud and I am an expert in serverless solutions, data storage, and security.


3. What is your relationship to the C2C community and how did you first get involved?

I followed the first C2C sessions, especially those with Google Rockstar. I loved the format and the dynamic of the sessions, and I chose to do the same for the French speaking community. I have been co-leading the C2C France community since January 2021


4. What do you find most valuable about the C2C community?

The independence from Google Cloud, and also their proximity. We are free to say what we think, but Google Cloud is always here to help us.


5. What is a current or future development in the Google Cloud space that you're excited about?

Serverless, and especially Cloud Run. It's possible to tweak it to solve so many use cases. It's a real game changer.

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