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The Human Side of Things: How Connecting in the C2C Community Helped Workspot and Wealthsimple Connect To Workers Around the World

Unlocking collaboration in the C2C community: Wealthsimple and Workspot's journey from a chance meeting to a successful tech partnership.

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CarCast with Bruno Aziza: How Much Does GenAI ACTUALLY Cost?!

Uncover GenAI's real expenses with McKinsey's insights. Learn how to harness its potential in enterprises in this week's episode!

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Is Palm API available for general use?

Get ahead in AI with PaLM API, now in public preview. Experiment and prototype at no cost. Join the waitlist for access!

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Enterprise Software and the Role of the CIO: An Interview with Mark Templeton of Workspot

CIOs, embrace change and drive growth in the enterprise SaaS era. Workspot shares their mindset on cloud-native adoption and multicloud support systems.

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Migration on Google Cloud in Under 30 Minutes (full recording)

Enhance End-User Computing: Discover the Power of Intel & Google Cloud in VDI Migration. Learn to boost virtual CPU performance by 27% effortlessly!

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CarCast with Bruno Aziza: When is a Company Ready to Scale?!

The 3 Metrics That Drive Scale: Unveiling Insider Tips. Explore the 5 key questions to scale your business effectively.

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Cloud Cost Reduction: Our Top 9 Cloud Cost Optimization Strategies

Optimize Cloud Costs: Boost financial transparency and eliminate unnecessary resources for cost-efficient cloud computing.

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K8s container scaling based on event queue size

Achieve hardware autoscaling in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)! Learn how to optimize scaling based on event queue metrics for cost savings.

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Optimizing Your Workload on Intel-Based Instances (full recording)

Enhance workload efficiency on Google Cloud with the power of 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors. Discover optimization strategies for demanding tasks.

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Building for Scalability, Block by Block: An Interview with Carrefour Links CTO Mehdi Labassi

Discover the art of scaling with Carrefour Links. From Lego to Google Cloud, explore the building blocks of success in tech infrastructure!

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