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Is Palm API available for general use?

By Petar Ojdrovic | June 11, 2023

Hey everyone,

We have been playing around a ton in the generative AI playground in vertex and are ready to start implementing it in production. However, I was unable to enable the PaLM API in the cloud console. A video I saw a few days ago had that PalM API available when they searched for it but I don't seem to be able to access it on my GCP account. Is there anything specific we need to do to get access to this API? I have included a couple of screenshots :)


This tutorial shows the Generative Language API, accessible when they search for Palm API or Generative Language API.



However, when we try to access the PaLM API on our GCP account we don't get anything :(



Any help would be greatly appreciated in figuring out how to get access to the API.


Many thanks!

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