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How the Bank of England Uses AI for FinTech Innovation

Unveiling Britcoin: a stablecoin with smart contracts for seamless transactions and financial stability.

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Getting Maximum Value from Cloud: Key Takeaways from C2C's Deep Dive on Cloud Repatriation

Watch the videos! Uncover insights on cloud repatriation's business implications from industry leaders at C2C's panel discussion.

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Leveraging Data for Consumer Behavior (full video)

Enhance ROI & customer centricity with Google Cloud analytics. Quantiphi explores marketing analytics and consumer data impacts on business success.

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Thinking About Moving Your Workloads Off the Cloud? (full video)

Explore the strategic aspects of moving workloads off the cloud. Understand TCO, OPEX, and CAPEX with X, SADA, and Etsy. Watch the session.

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C2C Deep Dive Series: Applying Computer Vision with Pre-Trained Models

Explore the power of Vision AI with Google Cloud's pre-trained models. Detect incidents and enhance your infrastructure. Try out the API now!

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C2C Navigators Series: NextGen Healthcare's SAP on Google Cloud Migration

Uncover the challenges and triumphs of NextGen Healthcare's SAP migration to Google Cloud.

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The Right Team: Managecore and NextGen Build for the Future Using Google Cloud

Transforming SAP landscapes with Google Cloud: NextGen Healthcare's success story with Managecore. Learn the keys to a seamless migration.

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Scaling an Enterprise Software: Digital Assistants and Natural Language (full video)

Enhance warehouse operations with Fulfilld CTO. Discover the magic of Natural Language Processing and Google Cloud in this insightful session.

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C2C Deep Dive Series: Automated Monitoring and Microservices with Fulfilld

Uncover Fulfilld's microservices architecture. Learn how automated monitoring ensures reliability in your applications.

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The Future of Work: Employee Empowerment and Better Management with Greg Sly, SVP Verizon

Discover how Verizon leverages Workday Cloud to bridge gaps, streamline recruitment, and embrace a global talent pool. SVP unveils the future of work.

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