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Clean Clouds, Happy Earth Panel Discussion: Sustainability in EMEA

Dive into the future of sustainable computing with Google Cloud, HCL, AMD, and L'Oreal during this Happy Earth panel on EMEA regional sustainability.

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Retail Case Study: How Marriott International Builds Smart Kiosks on Google Cloud

Discover the future of contactless convenience. Enhance guest experience at Marriott with smart kiosks. Grab snacks, check-in seamlessly, and pay with mobile.

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Healthcare Case Study: McKesson Corporation and the Google Cloud Healthcare API

Elevate healthcare efficiency with McKesson & Google Cloud's advanced API solutions. Securely access, analyze and integrate data for smarter patient care.

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Introducing C2C's Newest Community

Join Cat2Cat, C2C's newest Google Cloud Community, connecting feline enthusiasts and tech-savvy cats. Discover innovative use cases and success stories.

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Healthcare and Life Sciences Perspectives on Cloud Architecture: A Fireside Chat with Todd Walters of Eli Lilly

Dive into the nuances of Cloud Architecture with Eli Lilly! Explore valuable perspectives for decision-makers in this fireside chat recording.

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Healthcare Case Study: Mayo Clinic's Remote Patient Monitoring Program for COVID-19

A lifeline for patients. A solution for healthcare providers. Mayo Clinic transformed patient experiences and saved money with Google Cloud. Read more:

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Accelerate Your Energy Decarbonization Goals - Key Takeaways

Google's journey to 100% renewable energy revealed! Dive into key takeaways on reducing carbon emissions. Expert insights for global organizations.

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FinTech, Banking-as-a-Service, and the "DeFi Mullet": C2C's Deep Dive with Simon Taylor of 11:FS

Future-proof FinServ: Discover insights on BaaS and the 'DeFi Mullet' model from 11:FS, shaping the finance industry.

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The Journey to the Digital Enterprise - Event Takeaway

TX Group's evolution into Switzerland's top digital network: A deep dive into their Google Workspace migration and the strategies for digital success.

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Understanding the FinTech Payment Stack and Where Your Business Fits (full video)

Explore the FinTech Payment Stack in-depth with 11:FS'. Learn about BaaS, API providers, and market dynamics to stay ahead in financial services.

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