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The Future of Work: Employee Empowerment and Better Management with Greg Sly, SVP Verizon

By Sabina Bhasin | September 8, 2021

Remote work turned Greg Sly into a better manager. 

Sly, Senior Vice President (SVP) of Infrastructure and Platform Services at Verizon, used Google Cloud to keep his team together, increase employee satisfaction and establish a more effective workforce. 

If your first question is, "how?" you're asking the right questions, and we're working to bring you, our C2C community, the answers. Sly will be joining Workday's Patti Althen and Rujul Pathak on August 25 to discuss how they're preparing and managing the Future of Work with the C2C Community. 

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Among the challenges of building team cohesion in a global environment is navigating critical social conversations and ensuring each employee, regardless of location, background, or beliefs, feels empowered to own their contribution to the business. 

To respond, Sly relied on collaboration tools to integrate vital dashboards and using Google Meet to facilitate conversations around social issues like diversity, equity, and inclusion to enable productivity. 

With global teams with diverse backgrounds and skillsets, Sly also needed tools to serve as an equalizer to match how the pandemic leveled everyone. This means that hierarchies are difficult to maintain in a virtual environment as the traditional indicators of seniority and authority are reduced to the same tools each employee has to use. He's chosen to embrace that and is planning on how to preserve that equality. 

"We didn't solve it yet; we're just at the beginning of what tech can do," Sly said. 

That tech now also includes Workday. The massive migration to Workday cloud went seamlessly, and Althen and Pathak will join Sly to share more about why they chose Workday at the upcoming C2C Navigator, but, for Sly, the choice was rooted in finding a tool to enable easy worldwide access to talent. 

"Why wouldn't we meet people in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe? Why only be U.S.-focused?" Sly asked in a tone that suggested a significant missed opportunity now being seized. "We can now bring tech to under-developed countries and find new talent." 

Using Workday cloud, Sly said Verizon is now able to streamline their recruiting pipeline and onboarding, "it's been a great collaboration," he said. 

It's also unlocked challenges around building internships into the hiring process. Since remote work, incorporating green employees with a lot of talent to share is a challenge he's also been able to leverage technology to overcome. Now he just has a global pool of candidates to tap into now easily. 

"Google is bringing internet below the 42-parallel; what's the point of the internet if we can't follow up with the tools to do something great with that tech?" 

Good point, Sly. 


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