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Healthcare and Life Sciences Perspectives on Cloud Architecture: A Fireside Chat with Todd Walters of Eli Lilly

By C2C Team | April 1, 2022
On Saturday, March 12, 2022, C2C hosted a fireside chat featuring Todd Walters, Enterprise Architect at Eli Lilly, in conversation with Google Customer Engineer Cori Peele. This live, interactive session was jointly organized by C2C Global and BDPA for decision-makers weighing considerations and pursuing use cases specific to the healthcare and life sciences industry. In the course of well over an hour, Peele and Walters discussed this topic in significant depth, in the contexts of Walters' personal career and cloud journeys and the healthcare and life sciences industry at large.  Topics covered in this fireside chat include:


  • (8:45) Todd Walters background and current role
  • (14:00) Todd Walters cloud journey
  • (18:00) Changes in networking and core compute infrastructure over time
  • (34:30) Modern Application Development and CI/CD
  • (41:10) Architectural perspectives for hybrid cloud and multi-cloud
  • (49:00) Environmental costs of cloud computing
  • (56:00) Example of a solution on the cloud addressing a business problem (e.g. Translate - public story)


Watch the full recording of this conversation below:



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