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Understanding the FinTech Payment Stack and Where Your Business Fits (full video)

By C2C Team | March 1, 2022

Challengers in the financial services industry - existing firms looking to innovate, start-ups looking to scale, and everyone in between - will gain an in-depth understanding of the banking and payments system from this Deep Dive. 



The recording from this Deep Dive includes:

  • (1:15) Introduction to Simon Taylor and 11:FS
  • (4:00) Introduction to banking as a service (BaaS) and its role across brands
  • (7:20) Understanding the depth of service from BaaS API providers
  • (13:10) How API providers enable focus on building user experience and expediting time to market
  • (15:15) Embedding financial services into various customer experiences
  • (17:25) Go-to-market requirements for launching FinTech products
  • (20:10) Overcoming challenges between FinTech vendors and BaaS providers
  • (21:20) Building finance operating systems
  • (22:00) The four core issues and challenges: provider lock-in, geographic limits, flexibility vs. speed, and product configuration gaps
  • (24:35) Open audience questions

Featured in this session:


Simon Taylor
Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, 11FS

Simon Taylor is the Co-Founder and Blockchain Practice Lead at 11:FS. Simon has been immersed in the technology of financial services for as long as he's been working. He is consistently voted one of the most influential people in Banking, Insurance, and Fintech by banks, his peers, and industry bodies.

Simon led Blockchain Research and Development at Barclays. In his time there, Barclays became the first bank in the world to perform a live trade finance transaction over a Blockchain / DLT with a real customer attached. Today Simon advises governments, regulators, and some of the worlds largest banks, financial institutions, and corporations on how Blockchain and DLT will impact their business in the short, medium, and long term. Previously, Simon helped build the Barclays www.thinkrise.com program and held a number of roles in payments, banking, and the telco sector.


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