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AI and Machine Learning (3)

CarCast with Bruno Aziza: How To Talk Gen AI! 07/10

Unlock the secrets to Gen AI success with tips from industry giants like Mastercard and Gartner. Drive your strategy forward with expert advice!

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Key Takeaways from 2Gather Los Angeles: The Future is Now, Security and AI

Discover how AI is transforming the entertainment industry and tackle your security challenges! Insights from 2Gather Los Angeles event.

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CarCast with Bruno Aziza 06/23 : Don't Be an AI Tourist

Explore key findings from the "2023 AI Readiness Report" on this CarCast episode! Learn how leading organizations embrace Gen AI for success.

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2Gather Core Concepts: Let's Talk Tech Atlanta

Dive into the Atlanta 2Gather event recap featuring Googler Kelsey Hightower. Uncover discussions on Kubernetes, Calendly, and AI advancements.

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Is Palm API available for general use?

Get ahead in AI with PaLM API, now in public preview. Experiment and prototype at no cost. Join the waitlist for access!

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Generative AI learning path

Level up your AI game with Google's free Generative AI learning path. Nine courses, from fundamentals to image image-captioning models, enhance your skills today!

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CarCast with Bruno Aziza 04/24: How Can You Scale A.I?!

Unravel the truth in AI: Are recent advancements cause for optimism or concern? Watch the video!

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Using Automation, AI, and ML to Optimize the Customer Experience and Reduce Costs (full recording)

Watch the power of Automation Anywhere's Process Discovery in streamlining workflows and achieving cost efficiency through AI and ML integration.

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A Beginner's Guide to Cloud Computing Technology

Navigate the Cloud with confidence! Our Beginner's Guide covers IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, deployment models, and the real-world application in businesses.

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5 Cloud Trends to Track in 2023

AI and ML adoption, low-code development, multicloud environments, improved remote work tools, and cloud adoption in resistant sectors

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