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Turning Imagination into Reality: Catching Up with Trevor Marshall at Cloud Adoption Summit New York City

Discover the intersection of music discipline and tech creativity from C2C NYC Cloud Adoption Summit. Insights on AI, security, and harmonized frameworks.

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Optimizing Your Workload on Intel-Based Instances (full recording)

Enhance workload efficiency on Google Cloud with the power of 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors. Discover optimization strategies for demanding tasks.

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Collisions and Community at C2C Connect Live: New York City

Dive into innovation with tech disruptors Current, AMD, Data Capital Management, and other Google Cloud experts.

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Clean Clouds, Happy Earth Panel Discussion: Sustainability in EMEA

Dive into the future of sustainable computing with Google Cloud, HCL, AMD, and L'Oreal during this Happy Earth panel on EMEA regional sustainability.

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Completing the Story of Sustainable Computing: an Interview with Suresh Andani, AMD Senior Director of Cloud Vertical Marketing

Energy-efficient computing insights with AMD & Cloud Vertical Marketing. Catch sustainable manufacturing and solutions at Clean Clouds, Happy Earth event.

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How to Choose a Virtual Machine (VM) From Google Cloud

Unlock maximum scale & speed with Google Cloud's Compute-Optimized VMs for high-performance computing. Ideal for Big Data analysis, AI/ML, ad-serving, & gaming.

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The Difference Between Virtual Machines (VMs) and Hypervisors

Revolutionizing Software Architecture: Discover the magic of Virtual Machines and Hypervisors, shaping the future of computing landscapes.

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Can Wellness and CBT Apps Improve the Way We Treat Mental Health?

Discover evidence-based mental health apps. From CBT features to personalized recommendations, find a path to better mental well-being.

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Serverless Compute Security on Google Cloud (full video)

Gain control of your serverless infrastructure security on Google Cloud. Learn about OAuth 2 tokens, VPC access and load balancers in this video.

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Urs Hölzle, SVP Technical Infrastructure, Joins C2C to Discuss Modernizing Infrastructure for the Present and Future

Elevate Your Cloud Compute Knowledge - Google Cloud SVP Explores Trends in Sustainable Networking and Cloud Migration.

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