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C2C Monthly Recap: May 2022

By C2C Team | June 15, 2022

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Welcome to the inaugural roundup of everything happening at C2C. Each month, we'll share the latest news from the team and the best highlights from all of you here in the community.

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Where We've Been...

The C2C team has been on the move! We've been unveiling a number of face to face events with the help of our partners, Google, and other members who have joined us to share their journeys and connect with each other. The stories shared at these events are valuable across many industry solutions being created with Google Cloud technology, but we also have a focus on having fun!



Our roadtrippers Josh Berman ( @josh.berman ), Alesha Neely ( @Aneely ), and Marcy Young ( @Marcy.Young ) traveled from across North America to visit three cities on the west coast: San Diego, Irvine, and Los Angeles. All three events were sponsored by one of our many partners, SADA, who helped bring together speakers from MovieLabs, BlueVoyant, Hyundai, 4Medica, Brain Corp, Automation Anywhere, and Flexible Vision. We also saw a familiar face�� - Miles Ward (�� @MilesWard ), CTO, SADA - who had nothing but good things to say about his experience at the events. "It's not only great to connect with customers," he told us, "but even building our network of additional Googlers is fantastic."

C2C Connect Live: San Diego connected customers Flexible Vision, Brain Corp, and Automation Anywhere for a live panel featuring multiple presentations, including a customer story about Cue Health. "It was a great opportunity for everyone, and our team truly enjoyed the talks and positive energy in the room," said Aaron Silverberg ( @Silverberger ), Founder and Vice President of Flexible Vision. "It's great to be back in person, and the red, yellow, green stickers were a simple but nice gesture," he added, referring to the stickers the C2C team handed out at all events for guests to use to indicate their preferred level of physical contact.

C2C Connect Live: Irvine connected customers Hyundai and 4medica via partners Dataflix and SADA for a panel discussion, prompting multiple questions from guests at First American Financial. "Thank you for arranging the C2C event in Irvine, it was great meeting you," First American Data Scientist Chris Ow ( @chrisow ) told us afterwards. "The event was very engaging and informative!"

The climax of the west coast tour was the event at Google's office in the famous Spruce Goose hangar in Los Angeles, where guests enjoyed impromptu tours of the facility led by Google Program Manager Dale Rossi ( @Dale Rossi ). Kumar Chinnakali ( @kumarchinnakali7 ), an Enterprise Architect at CapGemini, had a particularly memorable experience at the Los Angeles event. "I enjoyed great food and drinks and made a lot of new friends," he says. He remembers sharing a valuable exchange with representatives of System Integrators. "They are doing a unique GKE project of migrating from monolithic to microservices architecture." He also remembers discussing Google Cloud certifications, and getting some enlightening insights from Google Global Head of Autonomic Security Iman Ghanizada's ( @iman ) comments during the panel discussion. "The platform to build in-person connections after a long time was incredible," says Chinnakali.



In EMEA, our enthusiastic community managers, Ilias ( @ilias ) and Dimitris ( @Dimitris Petrakis ), flew from their homes in Greece to visit Paris, Munich, and London. At C2C Connect: Paris, we reconnected with our friends at Carrefour and L'Oreal, respective home companies of our C2C France Team Leads Guillaume Blaquiere ( @guillaume blaquiere ) and Antoine Castex ( @antoine.castex ). Live conversations covered Looker use cases for BigQuery and data solutions for Confidential Virtual Machines. C2C Connect Live: Munich connected customers MediaMarkt Saturn and UberCloud for a conversation about MediaMarkt Saturn's game-changing Data Mesh.

C2C Gold partner AMD joined all three events. At C2C Connect Live: London, C2C Platinum partner DoiT international joined them for a conversation with customer VU.CITY about optimizing their cloud implementation. BidFX also appeared to give a presentation about using Google Cloud to transform their fintech business. Simrin Gill, Business Development lead at Cobry, spoke highly of her experience at the event in London. "I really enjoyed the fireside chats in particular. I found them to be extremely valuable for both customers and partners" she said. "It was refreshing to hear about someone else's experience."


New York City

We were on site in New York City to follow up with the star speakers at our first live event on the East Coast in the United States, and also had the opportunity to talk to some attendees about their experience at their first C2C event. We're excited to be the home of community relationships in the Google Cloud ecosystem, wherever they can be made. Check out the posts below to read about the conversations C2C started on and off the stage in New York:



You can also find recordings from virtual events, interviews with Google Cloud thought leaders, and other news and content from C2C by browsing all our articles by solution area, industry, or hot topics in cloud.


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...And Where We're Going

Trying to catch wave of that energy? We're eager for more, and we hope you can join us as we add more cities to our list.



Not quite ready to travel and be part of an in-person crowd? We have plenty of virtual connections to join in on. Here are a select few we recommend joining live so you can speak directly with presenters and share your thoughts in open conversation with other C2C members.



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In the Community

Congratulations again to our April C2Champions,  @seijimanoan ,  @yuval ,  @Katsiaryna Vyshydkevich , and - - - - - - @MadisonJenkins . Learn more about these outstanding community members at this post below.



We also want to highlight some other excellent conversations happening in the communities. 



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Newest Features for You

Of course, the beauty of everything above is having one central place for all Google Cloud users to come together to solve problems, connect and re-connect, and have access to everything from C2C. We strive to continually improve the experience you have here in the online community, so here's the latest on what we've delivered.


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We have opened new categories for topics identified based on our members' interactions. Make sure you're subscribed to our new groups to stay informed on the latest happenings in the community.

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We recognize that Google Cloud has plenty of specific Industry Solutions used by our members. We will expand our related content over time, but for now, check out the categories dedicated to Healthcare and Life Sciences and other Industry Solutions.


New Communities: Google Workspace


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